New writing projects

2017 has started brilliantly for my writing. I am currently working on two titles for Pen and Sword Press. Both are to do with the lives of women 1850 to 1950 and their achievements during this interesting period period history. One title is looking at Eastbourne, East Sussex and the other is Tunbridge Wells, Kent. I am in my element with all the research!


In the last yeat I have been very poor at writing and have let my writing slip. Sometimes things come along which take over from our writing and get in the way, or life just takes over. It is now 1 January 2017 and for some reason I feel refreshed and rejuvinated and cant wait to write.

I have recently been commissioned to write a book about women 1850-1950 in Eastbourne, looking at womens lives, occuptations, leaisure persuits and the ward years. I have already started the researched and am enjoying my project.

I am also determind this year to put on a play which I wrote a few years ago as I have met some wonderful people who would be great in this production. The first play will be an adaptation from one of the stories on the Hastings Old Town Ghost Walk – script is ready and all I need now is the cast – very exciting!

2016 was a scarey year for me and at one point I thought that I would never write again. I am so glad that things have worked out and now I am not wasting one single moment and will grab opportunities with both hands.

I am also going to update this on a more regular basis than in the past.

Happy New Year!



In October 2015 I retired from leading the ghost walks to concentrate on lots more projects and writing. I have 101 projects in the pipeline and am currently working on my new tours business Historic experiences, not only will I offer bespoke history tours but also courses, publications and events.

Family History Courses

This year I am going to be running some Adult Education courses at Bexhill College and Claverham, Battle. This is very exciting, I just hope that I get some people book onto them so they actually happen.

The first is a whole day at Bexhill College on August 13th – this is aimed at people who are wanting to get started in tracing WW1 ancestors. The day is designed so that the first session is Getting Started in Family history followed by Tracing your WW1 ancestors and the final session Tracing you Female WW1 Ancestors. You can attend all three or just the ones which interest you the most. Please contact Bexhill College if you are interested.

After researching my own family history in WW1 I wanted to share my experience with others who were keen to learn about their family connections – I hope my course will motivate and inspire attendees to research their past.

Promotional Nig…

Promotional Night 24th February 2014

Briliant night was had by all who attended our promotional night on 24th. The group were treated to a collection of creepy tales and performances by our resident ghost.